2018-09-17 Brainwash pure – integration-barometer

This really leaves you bowled over and takes your last belief into spirit and sense of information media.

The “Expert Council of German foundations for integration and migration”, from this name expected to be a pure lobby undertaking (very likely with plenty of state funds) apparently publishes regularly the “integration-barometer”. The solely goal of the association seems to be promoting immigration in Germany.

Since such a sentiment “pro immigration” in the Federal Republic of Germany and directly into our social security systems, in particular after all the killings and at the for everybody recognizable alienation of our country – from elementary school to the sidewalk in the street, can hardly be realistic (see recent election results), such distortion of reality would be exactly what the present government sorely needs – in order to continue asserting and proclaiming their right to exist and/or a voter`s mandate.

And then ? Exactly – the biblical mainstream or should one say the state-media – rush enthusiastically to this logically subjective and tendentious “publication” and broadcast an attempt of opinion-making as a representative opinion and on top of that as a scientific study.

Not a single word of the general message can be true !

And then our federal government ! Government is also on the spot, although they currently should recover from recently self-propagated fake news (Chemnitz and Antifa Zeckenbiss). In fact, the “Federal Government Commissioner for Integration” (yes we have such a position), Annette Widmann-Mauz, says that “the study” shows that living together is particular felt harmonious, where direct contacts are experienced. End of citation.

Let’s hope that Ms. Mauz thinks of iron-free contacts. Sorry – but such thing is really unbearable and this all is that crass and insubstantial, that I do not even bother to review the “Expert Council of German foundations for integration and migration”. Most likely it’s not worth it.

NTV in this context already reports on the “people living in Germany”, meaning the Germans have already stopped to exist and/or should help to prepare us for exactly this. shz.de to this publishes following photo and headline:

Large majority in Germany sees migration as an enrichment
https://www.shz.de/21057042 ©2018

Such enrichment for our society, for our education and culture, for our scientific-innovative progress and for our gross national economic product, particularly in respect to the above photo, somebody would need to explain to me.

And this in fact works out everywhere. Also at my home-area – just took this snap-shoot on my way to lunch from my car (multicolor multicolor – or not at all but humiliated, enslaved and ashen-grey):

In any case, from the ” integration-barometer” we do learn, that we are all happy, that our government has everything perfectly under control and that we are by heart looking forward to every new immigrant with lowest possible education and integration-intention but with immediate unconditional basic-income, with special rights at authorities and judiciary, with a VIP status at the media. And we do this in the saint of the future of our children. Oh – yes – that we are for the most part all Nazis, that we exceptionally do not learn today.

Everything completely absurd !

2018-09-11 Siegen DCE, Facebook & Climate-mania

The District Chief Executive of Siegen (where I was born), posted the following which for my understanding is not at all helpful nor constructive subordinating a man-controllable climate change as God-given. As for my convincement, there cannot be any climate protection, on the contrary the protection of our environment is very well possible and important:

translation original post (German only)

Some mentioned article at a local newspaper was okay – however this post just fails.

My answer I gave already 5 years ago. Not a single word I would need to withdrawal. Please click on !

2018-09-10 President Steinmeier’s trash concert

One should have a look at some part of the concert and the subtitled simultaneous texts – and also please take notice from the article published today at Spiegel Online “artist against right-wing”.

Absolutely shocking is, that Steinmeier, as the head of the Federal Republic of Germany, does right now not resign taking the whole government along with him !

In that sense, all those cannot be democrats at all !


Same shocking is, that also SPIEGEL, like all mainstream media and fully on the contrary to today, just a few days ago, namely on 04.09.2018 broadcasted a completely different message ! This is the third LINK.

http://henningzoz.de/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/IMG_9247_x264.mp4 http://m.spiegel.de/politik/deutschland/kuenstler-gegen-rechts-bis-der-bullenhelm-vom-schaedel-fliegt-kolumne-a-1226821.html
Short video from the trash-conzert at Chemnitz promoted/shared by Frank-Walter Steinmeier, President of the Federal Republic of Germany Today’s report “Spiegel Online” (10.09.2018), open letter of a Bavarian police-man

From the video, I took a few sequences in order to translate the subtitles (original citations from the “singers / “song”-text). I am sorry to use such words, not at all my words. But you need to know what happens in Germany:

[and please notice – the following shall be against hate-propaganda and pro human rights !?!]

repugnant, disgusting, horrible and embarrassing !

Ich mach Mousse aus Deiner Fresse – boom verrecke. Wenn ich den Polenböller in Deine Kapuze Stecke. Meine Hausaufgaben mussten irgendwelche Deutschen Spasten machen.

I make mousse out of your face – boom verrecke (die a miserable death). If I put the Polenböller (some bad word for somebody from Poland and some explosives) in your hood. My homework had to make some German spas (bad word for spastic person, means idiot and anything bad).

Trete deiner Frau in den Bauch, fresse die Fehlgeburt. Für meine Taten werd ich wiedergeboren als Regenwurm. Eva Herrman sieht mich, denkt sich: “Was’n Deutscher !” Und ich gebe ihr von hinten, wie ein Staffelläufer.

Kick your (pregnant) wife into her stomach, eat the stillbirth [I am getting close to vomit once translating]. For my actions, I will be reborn as an earthworm. Eva Herman (German author and former spokeswoman of the national news) sees me, thinks to herself: “What a German !” And I give her from behind, like a relay runner.

Ich fick sie grün und blau, wie mein kunterbuntes Haus. Nicht alles was man oben reinsteckt, kommt unten wieder raus.

I fuck her green and blue, like my multi-colored house. Not everything you put in on top comes out at the bottom.

Gee Futuristic ich krieg Durchfall von die Bässe. Ich ramm’ die Messerklinge in die Journalistenfresse.

Gee Futuristic I get diarrhea from the bass. I ram the knife blade into the journalist’s jar (into the journalist’s face)


Despite the above citation, virtually all mainstream journalists faithfully, stupid and obediently have written and taped the greatest reports. Absurd and crazy. One of those comes here:

SPIEGEL 04.09.2018, Colportage of Antifa (German state-tolerated terror) and trash-news
Protest-concert at Chemnitz
That was more
“The proof that the world can be happy, multi-colorful and wonderful”: 65,000 people celebrated in Chemnitz, against right-wing extremism, inspired by Kraftklub, the Toten Hosen, Marteria, Casper and Co. A start, after all.
From Chemnitz reported by Elisa von Hof
Tuesday, 04.09.2018, spiegel.de

2018-09-03 Fraud propaganda ala NTV

In order to stay at least a little credible, NTV just on last Friday (2018-08-31) had to admit/broadcast that there were probably not at all any pogroms nor hunts through the city in Chemnitz.

And today – just 3 days later, the former declared truth is completely forgotten and the “hate” against criticism (criticism in Germany from now on probably and again equals hate) starts again:

NTV writes under the lead and with this made-up fake photo (original LINK at the very end):

“We are more” in Chemnitz
Inactive through the night
(parody upon a German pop-star who is NOT coming at all to that terrible concert)
a comment from Kai Butterweck

CITATION NTV: “Once again, strong-drinking rage citizens and civil war addicted neo-Nazis wandering through the streets of the Saxon province leaving behind devastation of blood and fear. Innocent people are hounded and hunted like wild animals.” End of citation !

The fraud maneuver already begins with the lead-up and photomontage, by which the “quick reader” should believe that the pictured nationally known singers/stars would be part of the left-wing action “we are more” and not just the actually expected misfortunes namely from “fine cream fish fillet” until “power club” (disastrous Antifa-close anti-music/noise).

What is then cited above is knowingly absurd nonsense and leaves you unable to find words anymore.

Probably, such tendency fulfills a criminal offense of malicious deception.

Here is the LINK to the original article today at NTV (German only):



2017-10-26 Forum Freiheit in Berlin

To the highly welcome English-speaking readers:

This link so far guides to the German letter, since I have not translated yet the full four pages. In case of high interest, pls. let me know and I will be happy to considering this service.

Thank You !

Dr. Henning Zoz, August 2018

2018-01-11 Private advertising for a multi-color/multiculti Germany ? Reeducation prog. ?

On 11.01.2018, I watched TV in the evening and was astonished, then terrified and finally shocked. One followed the other !

At fist diaper advertising (in Germany !) only with black children, then an Africa-man with glitter pants, then an advertising for panty liners where young women, all of them wearing headscarf in a celebrity ambience were acting and – yes l finally the lousy disgusting Germans in an idiot soap called “wife-exchange” – and gay they were on top.

Why this happens ?

The following LINK directs you to my 2-page ” open letter” issued 12.01.2018 to the responsible managing director of RTL2-TV. Not unexpectedly, till today I have not received any reply and not unexpectedly, my letter has not been published by any medium in Germany neither been addressed in any other way. Already all system-minions ?
Dr. Henning Zoz, August 2018

-read more-


2018-01-24 The World upside-down – IHK Annual Reception with Volker Kauder, MdB

On January 24, 2018, I went to the Siegen Cityhall (namely Siegerlandhalle, at my hometown) on the occasion of the IHK (Chamber of Commerce) Annual Reception and I wasn’t sure, what irritated me more, the “report” on the following day at the “Siegener Zeitung” (major local newspaper) or the “contribution” of Mr. Kauder, member of the German Parliament.

Far from any reality, the “Siegener Zeitung” wrote/sang a system-compliant praise song the other day. However, what in reality was offered the day before “as a speech” was just shocking. Thus and quite quickly myself and my seat-neighbor in the audience, the manager of a well-known traditional metal-working company from Siegen, we both agreed with the same expression (citation): “how stupid does he think we are !?”

And in fact it is long ago, that I have suffered in listening to such an empty and fully unqualified speech with constant repetition of embarrassing phrases until the end.

Volker Kauder, chairman of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group due to…

The following LINK directs you to my 4-page “letter to the editor” / “open letter” issued 25.01.2018 upon this event, virtually as a report on the adventure. Not unexpectedly, my letter has not been published by any medium in Germany – and so not at all by the Siegener Zeitung, neither it has been addressed in any other way. Call of duty and service to the system – everything is great in Germany !

-read more-

To the highly welcome English-speaking readers:

This link so far guides to the German letter, since I have not translated yet the full four pages. In case of high interest, pls. let me know and I will be happy to considering this service.

Thank You !

Dr. Henning Zoz, August 2018

2018-08-13 German Armed Forces, Gender Forces and comedians Stadl

On 13.08.2018 these two photos were sent to me (for safety reasons made up with black bars over persons eyes).

I could not believe that such thing could be real and asked for it in “my community of people with open eyes”. After a short time I received a LINK to the following public statement of the Federal Minister of Defense, already from 17.08.2016 !! – and after I have watched this under shock, I now believe that the above photos indeed could be not fake but real and that the Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces) this month was on a convention at Munich for a job-fair advertising transvestites (as soldiers) in the front and that Bundeswehr will do so in the future

Here is the corresponding text by Federal Minister Von der Leyen:
“The Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces) will also have to be more diversified to inside. Not just the issue of “men and women. It (the Army) needs many more people with a migration background, and it will have to be broad in diversity including for people with disabilities and people with different sexual orientations.

It (the Army) needs this diversity, firstly to really represent to inside within Germany what the population is. She (the Army) however also needs this diversity in order to be able to react appropriately during the operations and missions we have, where you need very different social backgrounds or socializations of the soldiers and the soldiers (gender in German language) or the civilian employees and employees (same) of the Bundeswehr. The wide variety that we represent, which I also just sketched out to you, must also be reflected in the troops.”

Ursula Von der Leyen – Bundeswehr shall become more multicolor
Berlin – presentation of the white-book for the defense-politics 2016, probably at the House of Federal Press Conference
source: phoenix on site, Morningshow issue 17.08.2016

What a federal minister is uttering here, is an embarrassment for our political landscape and in absurdity hard to believe. At this point the following should be proper:

1.)   Why our Bundeswehr “needs many more people with a migration background”, the Minister does not substantiate. For the threatening civil war in Germany due to the mostly homemade migration crisis (this is not a refugee crisis !) and as far as I can see it, this would be just fatal and completely irresponsible – or exactly wanted ? And here it should be pointed out, that of course there are a lot of good Germans living in Germany with a migration background, but not at all all of them are like this. And already with a double passport (why are others in my country allowed to do what I cannot do ?) this becomes difficult since one would need to be a good citizen for the other nation at the same time, conflicts to be expected. And the remaining “good ones” of course do pay a good share of the bill.

2.)   The compulsory military service in Germany was suspended in 2011. This wrong decision actively goes on the account of the former Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg (CSU), however the entry into the abolition had previously been enforced by the FDP (Liberals party) with the completely absurd shortening of compulsory service time. In any case this means, that Germany since that entertains a volunteer army res. a mercenary force. And this is not good for a nation and not good for an army. The people of Germany can very well identify themselves with a “people’s army”, probably not with a mercenary force. In this respect, the Bundeswehr does not have to have the same “diversity” for representing a multi-cultural-gender Germany as claimed by Dr. Von der Leyen. Her offered justification “firstly” is therefore simply wrong.

3.)   The Federal Minister justifies (secondly) that we need “this diversity in order to be able to react appropriately during the operations and missions we have.”. How can I imagine that ? Our army at Hindu Kush is facing the 2nd Gay Brigade of the Taliban and we first send out a multicolor vanguard of transvestites, so that the in fact fully non-gay Taliban may suffer a) a fatal laughter to death or b) a mental confusion shock resulting in combat disability or c) suffer acute nausea with extensive rash and the conflict is consequently finished victoriously? Yes, that is really ridiculous and funny – if this would come from a comedian Stadl. However this is not the case – this is the wording of the Minister of Defense of Germany and such ridiculous nonsense is absolutely not worthy of a German minister.

And (probably) in the House of the Federal Press Conference no outcry – no protest during this performance of massive political failure ? !! This is abstruse and this is to shame.

I would wish for a country where soldiers – and this applies equally to our police, a country where our soldiers and policemen (I save the gender mania) are respected and friendly approached – these are our people who decided to, in case of an emergency, give their lives for all of us. Rather than this, army and police are politically compelled by their public employers to panic over “public opinion.” Only a characterless donkey is always ready for anything !

Also our defense minister is working hard on this – by hardly missing any opportunity to speak badly about our Bundeswehr in public, likely in order to herself receiving a better public opinion. Bosom girlfriend of Merkel (worst ever German chancellor) or not, in her “job” as the Minister of Defense, she unfortunately appears completely unqualified and inacceptable. The even more unbelievable disaster – we have not even a dozen battle tanks or combat aircrafts in operation, all else are out of service, not a single of our submarines is presently able to dive etc. – should not be further explored here. This is all very much embarrassing and really bad.