2018-09-21 beaten and expulsed because of German language request.

A student requesting German language in the class-chat-group in result is heavily beaten by migrants. So far to experienced tolerance !

I did wish the same in August last year in the parent-chat-group of the elementary school of my second youngest child and was kicked out. In fact this explains, why on 07.09.2018, thus 2 weeks ago (I do mean these people:)

…why I had to communicate via my wife. And it was worth it. Group went on panic, probably because in my entire and relatively extended text contribution, it was just impossible to find anything wrong or false. Otherwise I am sure it would have hailed critics. Nothing came in, deep silence.

Here the screenshot #30.08.2017 (parents chatgroup elementary school) and the LINK to PP/Hameln:

Brutal zusammengeschlagen: Schüler wollte an Schule in Hameln auf deutsch kommunizieren

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