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I do publish this website since I barely can tolerate the political madness and insanity around me in Germany and in much of Europe any longer and since I want to write down and share what moves me in the bottom of my heart. I did not start but always did so on our corporate websites since I was always used to saying what I think. Since in Germany this fundamental democratic possibility is more and more lost and since massive political-social criticism should not be published on corporate websites, I therefore now terminate corresponding posts and collect them here and concentrated.

In this respect, I also take over partly the philosophy of the core company, which is – years old, not only of dramatic currentness but equally of essential relevance. The comparatively small part “enterprise”, one may just ignore. Over the time and if necessary, I shall adjust and supplement here, but not today. And thank you very much to any reader for your interest. In the German original at this point I had to state, that I am convinced that every smart women also feels friendly approached since I did not apply the pseudo-necessary multi-gender approach, which is not of much relevance in English language yet.

Henning Zoz, August 2018

Motivation, Education, Enterprise-activity and Life
As for our understanding, the individual motivation is the major driving force of mankind and society. Only the single human being can think and in particular think different, communities cannot do that, communities can only vote.

Being a human being means to live and to live means to be active. Being active means doing something and thus in opportunistic case with the result of an achievement.

For such activity we are used to apply our brain where this capability gives us our major characteristic as human beings. Consequently education is of major importance where also here the motivation is the key for long term success for the “enterprise of brain”. Educating a character in the sense of education usually does not work, forming a character likewise studying behavior patterns does very well. Insofar some basics are required, that education can arrive. A for this favorable clear brain can be trained bus as well not being learned and with the latter, one can compensate numerous presumed education deficits. The reverse usually is not relevant.

“Enterprise-activity” means, in favorable case, to do something, that others don’t do and this based on the requirement, to be better than others, who are perhaps doing something similar. “To do something” means at the same time, that repetition is limited and standstill forbidden – tomorrow we have to be different from yesterday and if necessary, also in another place. Otherwise we would not have learned anything on the run.

The motivation for “Enterprise-activity” as well as for “to do something” which both equals to “being alive”, we obtain from needs and not from satisfaction where in this regard, the need equals to the wish since the need creates the driving force and the motivation for any of our wishes.

We will be satisfied once we are dead and once we become satisfied we will die which is nothing but a rule in Chemistry and the consideration of Shingu’s law who greatly and enlightening said:

“happiness is the opposite of satisfaction”.

Such strategy, which is res. should be exactly valid for both, life and science, does not require protection by patens, borders or inflexible contracts. It creates its own protection by crossing the same borders every day.

In conclusion, we are all depending on education and on the ability of applying achievements from that and of using knowledge where the art of using our brain might be summarized as “innovation-ability”. And you don’t want to be usual, we cannot be satisfied ever and we have to think and potentially go different.

Future needs Children
As anywhere in nature, it is the same with us as a part of it. The biological sense of any being and creature is nothing but to survive. And the only survival-strategy of life is namely “reproduce and become more” (semi-exceptions only, e.g. some insects support others of the same race in doing so).

Those who cannot reproduce themselves will die out – and unfortunately that describes dramatically and fatal the core problem of virtually all modern societies and at this point, supersaturation has to be recognized.

A society in which the children are not at the very top of all concerns, has lost its “right” to exist and is doomed. For the individual, it is even aggravating that usually only then one can understand how unbelievable, how rewarding and how ingenious children are, if you have them.

Insofar the gendermania, being very popular in modern societies is completely counterproductive. It goes without saying, that only the “normal” can supply a complete contribution to the continuity. The non-normal are not to be discriminated but to participate – however, the focus is on the “normal” – and not the other way around. And this really has nothing to do with intolerance at all. The opposite is the case. Only since the next generations populate our planet, it is e. g. worth it, to preserve so much of all the things that are valuable to us. If all human beings could not inherit their soul and reproduce, much of that would not be available every day.

If then, and unfortunately not all of us are lucky enough to being allowed or able of having children, then we want from the bottom of our hearts, our children in their future to be at least better than us since we identify their future correctly as our future.

If we want future and want to be a part of it, why don’t we give to our children the best example for life and try to get better and learn every day and every second refusing being satisfied and not stop moving ever, understanding, that life without stress is not at all possible since nothing, not a molecule and not any atom can exist without stress.

Without any need to ignore religion, there is only one guarantee for any kind of life: it is only a temporary given. Consequently, if we want to maintain and develop what we are, there is only one guaranteed way to do so, which is in the hearts and brains of our children, the children of this planet.

Henning Zoz, 2008 plus update in October 2018

In easy words:                                       without Children – no Future !

This does define my highest political position. Another topic of daily underestimation namely is:

Future needs Energy

Once we determine our fundamental needs, beyond doubt we will realize that nobody needs a Zoz-product and that nobody needs an automobile or a vacation tour.

Luckily we are living in a hemisphere of this world where only the fewest of the today’s living people ever suffered hunger or really understand what it means to really feel cold. Thus we unfortunately do not appreciate the lasting satisfaction of corresponding basic needs, simply because we are used the good life. And this by the way is less related to continent or country than to war and peace ! Without war and jealousy and envy certainly nobody on this planet would need to starve or freeze.

Considered globally, it is in any case to be expected that we will be much more people on this one Earth and instancing human nutrition the forecast is acceptable, that offhand we will be able to still produce the necessary food products. Realizing that a steadily growing world-population is facing e. g. a steadily reducing global agriculture area there is only a single correct answer upon the question how we manage to close this gaping shear namely: with energy !

Unfortunately also here we have a significant lack of understanding especially in the Western World and particularly among our own population. So we are just accustomed to the availability of energy at any place at any time. Unfortunately it is in particular also us who moved into a steadily growing and for a long time ultimate dependency of energy due to our affirmation of development and technology. The “unfortunately” here is not at all related to development and technology but to the fact that over here we actually cannot afford the unrecognized particular importance of energy. In case tomorrow we should have got no energy meaning no energy at all available, our society already after a few hours would start to die. No water, no heat, nothing to eat and no safety for body and life.

The ultimate question for the future in there addresses the availability of energy. Energy itself is available abound and is delivered to us from the sun in form of light and other radiation thus responsible also for the weather (e. g. wind- and hydro-power). Without weather, no rivers would be flowing as well as one could not promisingly build any tide-power plants without the moon.

The key-question for the energy-availability insofar shall be specified to how we can collect this abound energy, how can we store and how can we transport this energy.

To answer these questions we in any case need materials and these materials unfortunately are very limited and straight not available abundant. And since basic material cannot be bred and propagated, the goal can only be to increase the performance of material as well as application.

Next to this, today we shall not any longer use up but only temporary utilize thus not remove but just borrow material. Before today we bring a product to the market, we shall consider how we can recycle this product after its service life in order to return it to the stock of this planet or how we can supply it right away into repeated or other beneficial application. The increase of mate rials performance, insofar the enhancement of function per material quantum in the end means nothing but how to realize more with less material. Thus 20 years ago, an ordinary cellular phone had a weight of maybe 1 kg and today the same a weight of 20 g only and this at 1000 times higher performance and at a thousandth part of the cost.

make more with less

It remains the hope that the politics of the nations one day will manage to utilize the chances and the capability that we do have for the benefit of every single member of all of us.

Henning Zoz, 2011 plus update in October 2018