Stop Abolition of Cash

No need to be a banker or an economist in order to realize that a negative interest rate must be absurd. However the negative interest rate is exactly the method of our government, to every day try to make us believe, that never before we have been as well as we are today.
No need to be a good economics minister in Germany to sparkle convincing with a balanced state budget while interest rates are negative. The largest item (interest payment) does “surprisingly” no longer exist.
And this is paid by everyone who has something !

And how at all can we defend ourselves? By “fleeing” from bank accounts into cash. Therefore, the cash must/shall be banned. And that is exactly what we have to prevent. For this, please have a look at the joint TV commercial with Prof. Schneider and Prof. Sinn and two press releases from 2016.

Dr. Henning Zoz, 27.08.2018

TV-Spot Schneider-Zoz-Sinn, 3:00, English TV-Spot Schneider-Zoz-Sinn, 3:33, Deutsch
press-release 28.07.2016, 150.000 signed up Pressemitteilung 28.07.2016, 150.000 Unterschriften…