2019-09-11 Freudenberg, Germany – warm invitation civic meeting

After a minute’s silence for the victims and heroes of 9/11, we want to name the politico-mania at Brussels, Berlin, Siegen and Freudenberg and discuss the ways out with you.

Myself I will bring a German flag, because this is our country. An American flag, because they are our friends and allies, as long as I can think. And a European flag, because Europe is what we need. The friendship and cooperation with our neighboring nations, not any dictation or paternalism nor any “on-top government” from Brussels-Technocratia.

Practically, the current topics will and should arise during our onsite discussions. At today’s speed of virtually daily self-obsessive insanity reports, any prior topic setting would appear non-serious, at least if you want to discuss current issues.


2019-06-14 EuroNanoForum – much climate less nano

To hear at Bucharest: anyone who dares to question man-made climate change (e.g. Zoz), shall go to jail. After all confirmed: more economical & ecological than “diesel” is not possible.

EuroNanoForum 2019
Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Progress under Horizon 2020 and beyond.

This year’s EuroNanoForum (ENF2019) ended last Friday (14.06.2019) at Bucharest/Romania. This conference is organized from the European Commission always in the country holding the EU-Presidency. And this at present is Romania. The current conference last week, earned the markings “Nanotechnology and High Performance Materials,” only to a limited extent. More on that later.

Not coincidently, also this time, Prof. Zoz was invited to report on progress, last week particularly upon…
Such materials in Germany are investigated under the premise “high-melting materials for the energy transition”, in the EU mostly under “materials for nuclear fusion”.

Also within last week, on Whit-Monday, Zoz hosted …. will move in.

In the world`s second largest building.

The conference was held in the People’s Palace at Bucharest, also known as Ceauşescu-temple. Representing the second largest building on earth, after the Pentagon, it can also be seen from the moon.
Zoz did not know that at all – and was astonished: “Tens of thousands of square meters of highly polished marble; such a thing can only be done in a dictatorship; the whole trip was already worth it just for this building; in fact, the list of wonders of the world should be extended.”


Materials- or climate conference ?

What was irritating at Bucharest is that hardly any of the numerous contributions focused on technology and materials. Almost everything and anything was addressing the so claimed man-made climate change. It was indeed more like one of those unspeakable climate conferences.

For Zoz, this unfortunately has not been such a surprise, but rather a regrettable confirmation of how far green religion and ideology have spread in “science”. Already in Athens, at the time of the Greek EU-Presidency, Prof. Zoz had asked during his contribution to the entire plenary session: “What’s wrong with carbon ?”.

Cleaner & better than Diesel – at present not possible. At least confirmed on ENF !

And so here, right in the first session, Zoz said it`s known, that already many years ago, Zoz had acquired 10 electric vehicles – and now, since the beginning of this year, he himself is driving a “Diesel” for the first time. That’s exactly, what he never wanted to do – because of greasy hands while refueling. However, Zoz continues, the insanity around CO2 and now even worse, the fine-dust scenario are hard to bear. Everyone should know that within the next 10-20 years, you cannot drive more economic and more ecologic, than with a diesel-engine powered vehicle.

Typically enough, the last thesis was fully confirmed by a plenary lecture by Prof. Robert Schloegl, director of the Fritz Haber Institute (Max Planck) on the other day. This could be read from a projected slide, Prof. Zoz asked for this in detail and Prof. Schloegl confirmed (by multiple nods) down from the podium.

Man-made Climate Change – Mumbo Jumbo.

Furthermore, Prof. Zoz claimed on day one with respect to the so called “CO2 and man-made climate change”, if one already believes this hocus pocus, then at least you should try to fight, where it could make most sense. Germany’s total man-made CO2 emissions are lower than just the annual emission growth in China. And the population of Africa is growing by nearly a million every week. “And those in the future all want to drive a car, heat their homes and drink beer from cans. Germany is already clean ! As clean as never before during my life”. Zoz appealed: “we have to go where the fire is”.

Exactly this was also confirmed on the second day during a lecture by the President of the European Academy of Sciences, Prof. Rodrigo Martins. Zoz asked for it and Martins confirmed. Zoz also complained that the ridiculous plastic fork, which he soon could no longer use in Europe, would not help a single child in Africa. With a thoughtful face, Prof. Martins agreed also to this.

Secret congratulators.

For his comprehensive and critical comment at the beginning of the conference, Zoz earned applause. At first break and from then on, so-called secret congratulations followed. In total, more than 20 participants (including some speakers who in public stated different) spoke to Zoz, thanking him for the “brave, open” words that they could not afford themselves.

Right to the beginning, however, a massive counter-critic, quite rude and grumpy came to Zoz. He (Radu Ionicioiu) introduced himself as a quantum physicist and claimed that Zoz has “no idea”. After Mr. Ionicioiu (according to conference proceedings works in an EU flagship in Romania) then even was unable to pass the simple quick test “north-pole melting away” (anomaly H2O), he admitted, that he himself “has no idea”. However, Zoz shall believe those who know better. When Zoz asked, who that is, the answer parodied: “the professionals”.

“Deeply impressed” Zoz finished this Intermezzo, and it should come even better.

Either believe or go to jail.

The speaker after the presentation by Zoz was Mr. Bert de Colvenaer from Belgium, who according to the conference guide entertains a “Public Private Partnership” there, presumably collecting public/EU-funds. He changed his introduction obviously with regard to the previous, as always also subject-critical lecture by Zoz. In fact he started by claiming that those people who would dare to question a man-made climate change, belong into jail.

Zoz could not believe what he heard and right away asked Chairman Barend Verachters, Deputy Head of Biotechnology of the European Commission, who was sitting next to him on the podium. Verachters answered, that he had not understood exactly. Thus, still on stage, Zoz asked Mr. de Colvenaer immediately after the lecture: “Did you really say, that I belong into jail because I consider the climate nonsense to be hocus-pocus ?!” De Colvenaer seemed quite tense and did “bleat” a clear confirmation.

Zoz further asked if de Colvenaer would consider himself as a Democrat and if he knows anything about tolerance. No further answer was to be recognized.

Conclusion: no EU needs such people.

Conclusion by Prof. Zoz: “it is a pity that the principal and good goal of the conference does not seem to be in focus, but apparently everything that is somehow steerable, has to enter the climate-war. After all, the number of secret congratulators is increasing. Unfortunately, this does not necessarily mean, that those are becoming more. It could also mean that fewer consider their support, albeit in secret, as more and more important.

Conclusion: prison threat, nano-event and gender.

To claim, “Prof. Zoz belongs into jail because…”, that was not a threat but an expression of opinion. With respect to the freedom of expression, this is to be accepted, even if blunder would emanate from a minion of public funds. It is truly regrettable, that a basically excellent event, which makes no sense without different opinions thus could not result in a profitable discourse, is devalued by qualitatively less good contributions.

Furthermore, the nano-event ENF should not be converted into gender hocus-pocus, however, this could also be a misunderstanding. Insofar please refer to the subtitle of the penultimate image row.

On images:

2019-03-21 For a strong, conservative Europe

..with strong sovereign nations. Prof. Zoz supports Centra Partija at RIGA, Latvia as the Chief Advisor Innovation, Technology & Development. Less Europe is more Europe !

One cannot understand, why the everywhere up-coming conservative, national and pure democratic forces are not working hard to forge deep European alliances. Salvini, Kurz and Orban – in Europe there are numerous good & successful people who could also help us here in Germany. And we would need that badly.

For my part I do a contribution at Riga/Latvia. For this please refer to the supplement right here, the video also does work now:

Less Europe is more Europe !

Dr. Henning Zoz, 21.03.2019

2019-03-08 Watchmen on the Walls@RIGA

There are many more of those who care about our Christian modern and progressive enlightened society. Unfortunately our churches are not included any more.

Attending this highly religious event for me has been “first experience”, highly specific and sometimes “real crazy”. The contents, fully and in every single word that were heard there, I undersign at deepest conviction. And I did listen very carefully ! In September/October, this will continue in Jerusalem. I really hope that I can be there.

Also these last days have been my first experience in Latvia – and impressions were excellent and amazing. Mostly the people, second an obviously beautiful city of Riga – where of course I could just see a very little.

And there, on the contrary to us in Germany, it seems to me that not at all, all people have lost good spirits and all brain. And that, even in this part of Europe, at least recognizable for me, not a single of those migrants, who we like to call refugees, was in the streets. I really did not see any. If you then talk to the people, the news from Germany seems to be enough and you are questioned, whether we (the Germans) turned completely crazy, and what we do to Europe. And such question is unfortunately more than relevant.

with Pastor Jeff Smith, NYC

f.l.t.r.: Aleksandr Bezzubec, Miron Sugai, Pastor Alexey Ledjajev, Aleksandr Vascenko (Candidate for President of Ukraine), Zoz, MdB Waldemar Herdt and Aigars Bitans (both Candidates EUP Centra Partija)

Why I have been there ?

A few days upfront at my office, I had received a friend from the Kazakh Embassy at Berlin, bringing over and introducing Waldemar Herdt, Member of the German Parliament (AfD) at Berlin to me. He came up with the idea to helping in North and Eastern Europe for the EU-elections in order to form a strong European conservative league at Brussels and Strasbourg. And that to me makes very much sense. That was on a Friday. Why I ended up in Latvia first, may be caused by a phone-call to/with Richard Gretzinger the other day, telling him about the day before. Well connected to Riga, he recommended to go for Latvia and on the same day introduced me to Normunds Grostins, the Chairman of the Board at the Latvian Future Research Institute and list leader for the upcoming elections to the European Parliament in May for the central party namely Centra Partija:

In result, I went there the other Friday, practically together with the same Waldemar Herdt, who is also the EUP-Candidate No. 2 for Centra Partija at Latvia. A lot of coincidence. Further I was requested to also joining the candidates group. Unfortunately, after a long race of discussions for and back, since I do not see a realistic chance to be successful on such “abroad list”, I refused this very kind offer and enormous proof of trust.

However, and in exactly same mission and full appreciation, I had confirmed – and confirmed by heart, that I want to and will support this small but conservative, human- and values-focusing party, to help for success for now and future. During the 2 days at Riga, we e.g. went to a joint TV-interview and I had contributed several hours of opinion to the festivity of Watchmen on the Walls.

Zoz and Normunds Grostins on TV, Grostins, Zoz and MdB Waldemar Herdt (on right)

Supplement 21.03.2019

As an entrepreneur with experience and expertise, particularly in innovation and (nano)technology,

Prof. Zoz supports Centra Partija, Riga, Latvia as the
Chief Advisor Innovation, Technology & Development

heading towards a better recognition of Latvia’s sovereign interests and potentials particularly inside the European Union. This is today not at all taken care all over the country and this is, what represents more than just a good match.

Less Europe is more Europe !

Grostins, Zoz, Mrs. Ledjajev (on left) and Zoz

This is why I will return to Latvia already in early April following an invitation by the Latvia Academy of Sciences and extending for Latvia-wide election campaign.

actors of the Watchmen, in the center Waldemar Herdt, Jeff Smith, pastor Alexey Ledjajev, Zoz and Grostins


Dr. Henning Zoz, 11./21.03.2019

2019-03-07 CDU/CSU goes Muslim CMU

Getting ready for new, self-invited majorities, the formerly Christian Union, major German party prepares the total abandonment. Democratic/Social becomes the Christian Muslim Union.

After the recently still maddening proposal of the Green Party, “why not a refugee (meant illegal migrant) could become the next German Chancellor”, the CDU/CSU parliamentary group leader is trying to top insanity in order to not to lose the race for the future voters, that are invited to Germany on our own expenses !

No Carnival and no comedians Stadl – but bottomless impudence.

Union parliamentary group leader Ralph Brinkhaus considers, that possibly a Muslim may become chancellor for the CDU and CSU in 2030. That’s the title of DIE WELT yesterday.

In terms of content, there is nothing wrong with this statement, he can think whatever he wants. We still have some degree of verbal freedom in Germany, albeit already clearly restricted.

And here comes the “however” !

Seen in context and questioned why Brinkhaus throws such statement unnecessarily and right now in the media arena, allows a deep view suggesting to fear the worst. The period between ideological absurdity and political reality has shrunk terribly in Germany. Insofar you may refer to “EnergyTurn, to Carbon-free economy, to the policy “automotive industry, please leave the country”, to the tolerance-driven education disaster or to the decay of “just fair justice”, etc.

And so now since 3 years we have been inviting millions of people to Germany, almost exclusively Muslims, Christians in Germany soon will be considered as racists on birth – and then of course you run into a problem, if you have “Christian” in your party name.

Phase I in the Brinkhaus plan is therefore called tolerant assimilation,
Phase II then abandonment and high treason.

I cannot believe that this is possible, and I have no idea how such people can look into the eyes of their children, if they have any ! That is really disgusting !

Values – yes, values, values such as humanity, non-violence, equal rights for women and men, the highest possible appreciation of human life – all this is just swept away. Germany and Europe are becoming the melting pot of uncontrolled immigration, which the semi-fortunate and flooded ones even are forced to themselves pay. Such thing actually is not explainable.

Meanwhile, the “BioGerman people” are cooked to tender and made compliant for their own exodus. With gender mania for dehumanization, with Nazi-past and pretended dramatic Nazi-presence and with maximum tolerance to self-abandonment.

The next Government-sponsored Amadeo Antonia (chief formerly Stasi) “handout” will probably be:

Ene Mene Muh and dead are You.
Means – if you are a Bio-German and still breathing, then you better kill yourself – the world will appreciate.
And don’t even think about having children !
Future belongs to others only !

Right this seems to represent the major message of the new CDU !

To make things faster, and particularly to avoid, that “the German” could come up with the idea of democratically punishing the Polit-Caste even more, Christianity must disappear from our world. Hence the statement, that the CDU is not a religious community. Absolutely correct. However, a community of values, this party apparently also and not at all does represent (anymore).

Here come two selected Web-LINKs (German only):

2018-10-28 Merkel abdicates under force. Attention !

The German Chancellor Dr. Merkel has announced to gradually disappear from politics. Everywhere great relief and exuberant respect expressions, which in respect of the “achievements” during the last 3 years are completely inappropriate.

What do we have to expect now ? Within the party CDU, all critics will immediately forgive her, so that their own party and its mandate holders, who have admitted the multiple disasters, are better off.

And what will an infinitely offended Chancellor do ? A chancellor who, just a few months ago, fully overruled her own party’s decisions, ignored the Parliament for years and trampled on our constitution every day ? A despot and sole ruler (how is that possible in a democracy?), who now forestalled her own shameful expulsion by the people of Germany ?

She might want to make sure to complete in another 3 years chancellorship particularly what she had started 3 years ago!

At least any correction of the fatal wrong political course in the mass immigration of Germany would not only be hindered but prevented – any change away from the infallibility claim was not heard and is not at all to be expected.

The Global Compact of Migration will be signed in Marrakesh in December and no one in the “old parties” of Germany will go on protest. The fate of Europe and particularly the fate of Germany would be sealed with a further dramatic act.

The chancellor’s probably and again well-thought-out plan might also be: “How do I leave under felicitations leaving maximum damage behind ?” This lady has no children !

We better should not rejoice too early !

Dr. Henning Zoz, October 2018

2018-10-27 brutal mass rape at Freiburg/Germany

We are painfully reminded that our women, and particularly our young women, once they leave the house on their own, if they go to a nightclub and this even without burqa or headscarf, in some “cultural groups” are seen like worthless livestock or cheap sluts that can be used and abused any time.

We are painfully reminded upon our own complete failure, since we are unable and apparently unwilling, to protect our women from such inhuman martyrdom. In fact we could, if we would want.

We are painfully reminded that our state not only fails but collaborates. The information policy is a slap in the face for freedom, tolerance and social behavior.

We experience once again the abstruse appeasement attempts of the state media.

At least 8 migrants, Merkel’s gold pieces, abuse and rape an 18-year-old woman in Freiburg on 13.10.2018 (evening upfront Bavaria state election). All perpetrators were already known to the police before their bestial act. On the day of the Bavaria election, a complaint is filed, the first perpetrator (convicted by DNA) arrested 3 days later. The public is not informed ! Due to the intense discussion in the social media, it was probably not possible to drag this cruel case “over the tomorrows Hessen state election”, yesterday the bomb exploded.

Detailed schedule:
Saturday, 13.10.2018       brutal mass rape of an 18-year-old girl by migrants

Sunday, 14.10.2018         Bavaria state election

Wednesday, 17.10.2018  lapidary police report (initial report Police Headquarters Freiburg)

Saturday, 20.10.2018       arrest of first Syrian in refugee accommodation due to known DNA

Friday, 26.10.2018           joint press release Police Headquarters + Public Prosecutor’s Office Freiburg

Sunday, 28.10.2018         Hessen state election

Would only a clairvoyants suspect, that an initial announcement at immediate publication on the day of the state election could have resulted in a massive change in the election results in neighboring Bavaria ?

Could only a clairvoyant imply, that the further carryover for a total of 6 days “no information” would be on the purpose to survive the Hessen state election tomorrow ?

This is what NTV (state media) published yesterday in miserable appeasement-obedience and what BILD writes on the contrary today (articles in German only):

and here is the police report. With “first report” (at the end), only the message from 17.10.2018 can be meant (also German only):

Hopefully, as many people as possible, particularly those in Hessen state, read and understand what happened here and what will be going on – once UN’s Global Compact of Migration comes, and hardly a politician even knows what that is and what threatens us and what our Chancellor wants to sign very soon:

Dear German people of Hessen state – please go vote tomorrow !

My and all our children, girls likewise boys will appreciate !

Green party clearly wants more of those disasters, CDU maybe not but Chancellor Merkel very much – and SPD unfortunately stopped already existing as an important. And about FDP, I prefer to saying nothing at this point.

Dr. Henning Zoz, 27. Oktober 2018