2018-10-13 What is going on in such heads


2018-10-13 What is going on in those and what’s up in voters heads.

Ms. Katrin Göring-Eckardt from “the Green-party” (as well as Merkel in DDR times under Honecker, she has been FDJ-functionary for agitation and propaganda), education background high-school graduation and then theological studies aborted, had once suggested that soon ” a gold-piece (Muslim asylum seeker) might/should become one of the next German Chancellors”. Only for the friends abroad: this is not a joke ! In fact I believe she said this in the male version (German language) where the gender-mania anyway would not be relevant since practically only men are flooding uncontrolled into our country every day – and this November, by the upcoming “Global Compact of Migration” are to receive a UN-certified human right to migration. Illegal migration then does not exist anymore and Chancellor Merkel is no longer a criminal against the German Constitution, but off the hook. For this, each CDU / SPD / FDP / Green politician seems to happily be willing to sacrifice our country.

Mrs. Katharina Schulze, the top candidate of the Greens for the upcoming Bavarian election has probably also a high school diploma and then even successfully studied to become “intercultural trainer” (what is the name of such a degree course/program ?). Such massive educational background should already cause irritation in politics, at least among “the Green-party”.

On Thursday, the Junge Union Munich North (CDU-young) commented on a posting by Mrs. Schulze. That is completely self-explanatory, please find translations for both posts below the originals:


And what is the really shocking thing about all this ?
That there are people – and very many people – who give their voice to such “quality administrators” and thus power in and about our country as well as feudal income. Taxpayers practically could not be among them (certainly fully wrong) – I could well imagine only a voters group within the Antifa (left-wing terrorists).

What unites all three women is possibly the hatred against the “evil white man”. And since I have already sent 4 very little ones of those (4 sons and one grandson) – Grace-us-God !

The book “Merkel” is practically closed, everybody is just looking for the cosmetically best possible departure/dissapearing for the Germany/Europe-destroyer. Certainly there is no need for Merkel to practice another Christmas speech. Thus at least this year we will be saved from having to suffer greetings for a “lights-festival” rather than Christmas greetings which would have been expected by Merkel for our usual tolerance until self-abandonment.

Merkel is leaving – however the others stay – res. are just getting warm. Cold horror overcoming !

The educational background of our “World Chancellor Merkel” I had already questioned last year in the Westfalen Post and would do this again at any time:

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