2018-10-27 brutal mass rape at Freiburg/Germany

We are painfully reminded that our women, and particularly our young women, once they leave the house on their own, if they go to a nightclub and this even without burqa or headscarf, in some “cultural groups” are seen like worthless livestock or cheap sluts that can be used and abused any time.

We are painfully reminded upon our own complete failure, since we are unable and apparently unwilling, to protect our women from such inhuman martyrdom. In fact we could, if we would want.

We are painfully reminded that our state not only fails but collaborates. The information policy is a slap in the face for freedom, tolerance and social behavior.

We experience once again the abstruse appeasement attempts of the state media.

At least 8 migrants, Merkel’s gold pieces, abuse and rape an 18-year-old woman in Freiburg on 13.10.2018 (evening upfront Bavaria state election). All perpetrators were already known to the police before their bestial act. On the day of the Bavaria election, a complaint is filed, the first perpetrator (convicted by DNA) arrested 3 days later. The public is not informed ! Due to the intense discussion in the social media, it was probably not possible to drag this cruel case “over the tomorrows Hessen state election”, yesterday the bomb exploded.

Detailed schedule:
Saturday, 13.10.2018       brutal mass rape of an 18-year-old girl by migrants

Sunday, 14.10.2018         Bavaria state election

Wednesday, 17.10.2018  lapidary police report (initial report Police Headquarters Freiburg)

Saturday, 20.10.2018       arrest of first Syrian in refugee accommodation due to known DNA

Friday, 26.10.2018           joint press release Police Headquarters + Public Prosecutor’s Office Freiburg

Sunday, 28.10.2018         Hessen state election

Would only a clairvoyants suspect, that an initial announcement at immediate publication on the day of the state election could have resulted in a massive change in the election results in neighboring Bavaria ?

Could only a clairvoyant imply, that the further carryover for a total of 6 days “no information” would be on the purpose to survive the Hessen state election tomorrow ?

This is what NTV (state media) published yesterday in miserable appeasement-obedience and what BILD writes on the contrary today (articles in German only):

and here is the police report. With “first report” (at the end), only the message from 17.10.2018 can be meant (also German only):

Hopefully, as many people as possible, particularly those in Hessen state, read and understand what happened here and what will be going on – once UN’s Global Compact of Migration comes, and hardly a politician even knows what that is and what threatens us and what our Chancellor wants to sign very soon:

Dear German people of Hessen state – please go vote tomorrow !

My and all our children, girls likewise boys will appreciate !

Green party clearly wants more of those disasters, CDU maybe not but Chancellor Merkel very much – and SPD unfortunately stopped already existing as an important. And about FDP, I prefer to saying nothing at this point.

Dr. Henning Zoz, 27. Oktober 2018

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