2019-09-11 Freudenberg, Germany – warm invitation civic meeting

After a minute’s silence for the victims and heroes of 9/11, we want to name the politico-mania at Brussels, Berlin, Siegen and Freudenberg and discuss the ways out with you.

Myself I will bring a German flag, because this is our country. An American flag, because they are our friends and allies, as long as I can think. And a European flag, because Europe is what we need. The friendship and cooperation with our neighboring nations, not any dictation or paternalism nor any “on-top government” from Brussels-Technocratia.

Practically, the current topics will and should arise during our onsite discussions. At today’s speed of virtually daily self-obsessive insanity reports, any prior topic setting would appear non-serious, at least if you want to discuss current issues.


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