2018-10-04 Right-wing threat in the quality state, spread by quality media

This is really hard to bear – a maximum of naivety and stupidity is assumed for each and every one of us through such press releases.

Same as our police yesterday on our German National Day virtually locking some part of a street at Dinslaken on instructions “from above”, since there was an AfD event (real conservative party). Embarrassing, very poor and fully non-democratic. And the police was embarrassed. As long as a party is not prohibited by our law, it is to be respected as a Democratic Party and must not be denounced by the rulers due to their fear to death from loosing their power. For this, the quality state already supports Antifa (left-wing terror).

In any case, I believed that after the threatened state revolution by 6 right-wing guys with one air rifle on Tuesday and after the terror by 8 right-wing guys with one fire extinguisher on Wednesday, the madhouse would already be in full swing. Not even close. It continues with the President of the State Office for the Constitutional Protection in the state of Thuringia/Germany, Stephan Kramer.

Citation Kramer: “My working hypothesis is: All the ingredients and prerequisites for right-wing terrorism are recognizable. Although the structures have so far been seen only in the beginning, recent investigations by the Chief Federal Prosecutor show that we are not wrong with our working hypothesis“.

The man is either misquoted, incredible silly or massively pressured from somewhere ! His dramatic statement can be rewritten without any loss of content: We have weather and that’s why it could rain soon – and the Chief Federal Prosecutor has explored, that we have weather.

Not enough, Kramer added: “Violence throughout the scene is increasing. There is a high martial arts affinity, physical training and shooting training. This indicates that the scene is adjusting to more and more violence”.

Anyone who says something like this, has nothing important to say. The KickBox instructors of the million young strong and mostly Muslim men we have recently invited into the country and still are inviting every day, are celebrated as integration heroes and the social insurances gives seminars to make us healthier and physically fit. And if out of possibly 8 madmen (in the case of Antifa we call those “activists”) from Thuringia, one joined a judo club, two the gymnastics club and possibly one joined a shooting club, then here and for us such a threatening tendency comes out. In the free economy nobody could afford such unqualified nonsense !

That the quality media collaborate well by even increasing the distance to truth and reality and by trying to create a veritable anxiety scenario, is well known. And this here is a wonderful proof. You just need to look at it.

And why all this ? If the rulers fail to distract from the significant and ongoing state failure in Germany, they will no longer be rulers. At the given kinetics, the reprieve cannot be going on for two years (as per the federal election schedule).

And here is the LINK to the quality article (German only):


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