2018-09-17 Brainwash pure – integration-barometer

This really leaves you bowled over and takes your last belief into spirit and sense of information media.

The “Expert Council of German foundations for integration and migration”, from this name expected to be a pure lobby undertaking (very likely with plenty of state funds) apparently publishes regularly the “integration-barometer”. The solely goal of the association seems to be promoting immigration in Germany.

Since such a sentiment “pro immigration” in the Federal Republic of Germany and directly into our social security systems, in particular after all the killings and at the for everybody recognizable alienation of our country – from elementary school to the sidewalk in the street, can hardly be realistic (see recent election results), such distortion of reality would be exactly what the present government sorely needs – in order to continue asserting and proclaiming their right to exist and/or a voter`s mandate.

And then ? Exactly – the biblical mainstream or should one say the state-media – rush enthusiastically to this logically subjective and tendentious “publication” and broadcast an attempt of opinion-making as a representative opinion and on top of that as a scientific study.

Not a single word of the general message can be true !

And then our federal government ! Government is also on the spot, although they currently should recover from recently self-propagated fake news (Chemnitz and Antifa Zeckenbiss). In fact, the “Federal Government Commissioner for Integration” (yes we have such a position), Annette Widmann-Mauz, says that “the study” shows that living together is particular felt harmonious, where direct contacts are experienced. End of citation.

Let’s hope that Ms. Mauz thinks of iron-free contacts. Sorry – but such thing is really unbearable and this all is that crass and insubstantial, that I do not even bother to review the “Expert Council of German foundations for integration and migration”. Most likely it’s not worth it.

NTV in this context already reports on the “people living in Germany”, meaning the Germans have already stopped to exist and/or should help to prepare us for exactly this. shz.de to this publishes following photo and headline:

Large majority in Germany sees migration as an enrichment
https://www.shz.de/21057042 ©2018

Such enrichment for our society, for our education and culture, for our scientific-innovative progress and for our gross national economic product, particularly in respect to the above photo, somebody would need to explain to me.

And this in fact works out everywhere. Also at my home-area – just took this snap-shoot on my way to lunch from my car (multicolor multicolor – or not at all but humiliated, enslaved and ashen-grey):

In any case, from the ” integration-barometer” we do learn, that we are all happy, that our government has everything perfectly under control and that we are by heart looking forward to every new immigrant with lowest possible education and integration-intention but with immediate unconditional basic-income, with special rights at authorities and judiciary, with a VIP status at the media. And we do this in the saint of the future of our children. Oh – yes – that we are for the most part all Nazis, that we exceptionally do not learn today.

Everything completely absurd !

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