2018-09-10 President Steinmeier’s trash concert

One should have a look at some part of the concert and the subtitled simultaneous texts – and also please take notice from the article published today at Spiegel Online “artist against right-wing”.

Absolutely shocking is, that Steinmeier, as the head of the Federal Republic of Germany, does right now not resign taking the whole government along with him !

In that sense, all those cannot be democrats at all !


Same shocking is, that also SPIEGEL, like all mainstream media and fully on the contrary to today, just a few days ago, namely on 04.09.2018 broadcasted a completely different message ! This is the third LINK.

http://henningzoz.de/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/IMG_9247_x264.mp4 http://m.spiegel.de/politik/deutschland/kuenstler-gegen-rechts-bis-der-bullenhelm-vom-schaedel-fliegt-kolumne-a-1226821.html
Short video from the trash-conzert at Chemnitz promoted/shared by Frank-Walter Steinmeier, President of the Federal Republic of Germany Today’s report “Spiegel Online” (10.09.2018), open letter of a Bavarian police-man

From the video, I took a few sequences in order to translate the subtitles (original citations from the “singers / “song”-text). I am sorry to use such words, not at all my words. But you need to know what happens in Germany:

[and please notice – the following shall be against hate-propaganda and pro human rights !?!]

repugnant, disgusting, horrible and embarrassing !

Ich mach Mousse aus Deiner Fresse – boom verrecke. Wenn ich den Polenböller in Deine Kapuze Stecke. Meine Hausaufgaben mussten irgendwelche Deutschen Spasten machen.

I make mousse out of your face – boom verrecke (die a miserable death). If I put the Polenböller (some bad word for somebody from Poland and some explosives) in your hood. My homework had to make some German spas (bad word for spastic person, means idiot and anything bad).

Trete deiner Frau in den Bauch, fresse die Fehlgeburt. Für meine Taten werd ich wiedergeboren als Regenwurm. Eva Herrman sieht mich, denkt sich: “Was’n Deutscher !” Und ich gebe ihr von hinten, wie ein Staffelläufer.

Kick your (pregnant) wife into her stomach, eat the stillbirth [I am getting close to vomit once translating]. For my actions, I will be reborn as an earthworm. Eva Herman (German author and former spokeswoman of the national news) sees me, thinks to herself: “What a German !” And I give her from behind, like a relay runner.

Ich fick sie grün und blau, wie mein kunterbuntes Haus. Nicht alles was man oben reinsteckt, kommt unten wieder raus.

I fuck her green and blue, like my multi-colored house. Not everything you put in on top comes out at the bottom.

Gee Futuristic ich krieg Durchfall von die Bässe. Ich ramm’ die Messerklinge in die Journalistenfresse.

Gee Futuristic I get diarrhea from the bass. I ram the knife blade into the journalist’s jar (into the journalist’s face)


Despite the above citation, virtually all mainstream journalists faithfully, stupid and obediently have written and taped the greatest reports. Absurd and crazy. One of those comes here:

SPIEGEL 04.09.2018, Colportage of Antifa (German state-tolerated terror) and trash-news
Protest-concert at Chemnitz
That was more
“The proof that the world can be happy, multi-colorful and wonderful”: 65,000 people celebrated in Chemnitz, against right-wing extremism, inspired by Kraftklub, the Toten Hosen, Marteria, Casper and Co. A start, after all.
From Chemnitz reported by Elisa von Hof
Tuesday, 04.09.2018, spiegel.de
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