we need Israel

ISRAEL – natural friendship instead of political abuse
Virtually almost since I can think, I carry a special and deep sympathy for Israel and Israeli people. This may already be caused by their “completely alone stand in the Middle East” and have to survive almost against the rest of the world.

We do share a common history that fortunately includes much more than just the fatal well-defined Holocaust, and we largely look to common roots and shared culture. Geographically, Israel is located in the center of a comparatively nearby permanent battlefield, which should be on our all concern.

If so, then one should expect, that Germany and Israel have to be special “natural” partners, friends and allies. However this I cannot find in German politics and that is fatal and this is wrong. At present, we are flooding our country with partially declared mortal enemies of Israel, determining our limitless tolerance and our limitless good-heartedness above everything, above our constitution, above human rights and also above our relationships with friends and even above our own people – thus above ourselves. With and at that, we tolerate also that anti-Semitism, particularly against Jews comes back to the daily life in Germany. As soon as somebody claims the word asylum, our entire state-mind seems to be out of function.

Further to Holocaust, media run on bird’s shit and mark of shame at Berlin:
I am born in 1964, far from the time before and during World War II. A blame even for the most terrible happenings in the past, far upfront the beginning of my life, cannot hit me – and if you want, also no responsibility. Indeed I am obliged to pay attention and to draw appropriate lessons and of course we live neither in nor for the past but exclusively for today and for the future.

To recently calling the period of Nazi-Germany a “bird’s shit in history”, so to be heard from Dr. Alexander Gauland / AfD (formerly CDU), who is most frequently known for very objective, correct and also considered contributions, I like to consider for at least unopportun. However not much more and not much worse. And not at all factually wrong – bird’s shit stinks ugly and after setting barely goes away.

A likewise by the media ideologically propagated contribution is the thing with the “monument/mark of shame”. This refers to the “instigated” scandal by Mr. Björn Höcke / AfD in 2017 ” in the matter of the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe (Holocaust Memorial) and a suggested new and so-called “memory culture” (for the Germans). In the context of political propaganda, particularly the German state-media likes to report on Mr. Höcke in a wrong or misleading way. Also, the inexperienced media consumers at any – at least not at any significant release could learn, that it has not been Mr. Höcke, who claimed on firsthand the corresponding disapproval for the monstrous and also from my point of view unnecessary monument (see also comment by Ignatz Bubis from 1998 as chairman of the Central Council of Jews in Germany). In fact, very similar, if not identical wordings were broadcasted e.g. by the columnist Henryk Broder (Der Spiegel, Die Welt) and / or Spiegel founder Rudolf Augstein already at the end of the last century (see Der Spiegel, 30.11.1998 – “We are all vulnerable” – very worth reading, German only). In Berlin, as far as I can see it, we built monstrous, nonsensical and even at poor construction quality. With the giant resources for construction, operation and land consumption (about a soccer field) we could have gotten better – also for the positive discussion of the Holocaust.

Exploiting the Holocaust constantly and since decades against the “present” German people does not at least disrespect the Holocaust victims and the memory of the victims. In fact here, and again as far as I can see it, for decades a political abuse is pursued, that seems to become worse and more abstruse, the farther we move away of the years 1933-1945 on the timeline.

Hard to beat in absurdity, today we are using Holocaust to enforce a submission of Germans under the fatal and massively Islamizing migration politics of the German government, along with a reverse to the worst of the Middle Ages. How long did we fight for our democracy, for the equality of men and women and how long for the non-discrimination of gays or lesbians (this has nothing, really nothing to do with the insane gender-mania in Germany). We once have been proud of our culture ! Today, it seems that everything shall be expelled. This exactly is my  personal perception ! And one may share this perception or not, in any case valid is:

Nobody is helped except the rulers. Fearful cowards are better to control and mutate to minions faster – or to gooders, which in turn often can hardly be distinguished from minions (see GermanEnergyTurn and regrettable Climate-Religion).

The also here massively “misused” energy/performance should better and finally be invested in a deep friendly cooperation and joint future with Israel. However, this logical coherence is obviously not wanted today. Thanks to the media, thanks to the politicians.

Dr. Henning Zoz, 16.08./31.08.2018