2018-01-11 Private advertising for a multi-color/multiculti Germany ? Reeducation prog. ?

On 11.01.2018, I watched TV in the evening and was astonished, then terrified and finally shocked. One followed the other !

At fist diaper advertising (in Germany !) only with black children, then an Africa-man with glitter pants, then an advertising for panty liners where young women, all of them wearing headscarf in a celebrity ambience were acting and – yes l finally the lousy disgusting Germans in an idiot soap called “wife-exchange” – and gay they were on top.

Why this happens ?

The following LINK directs you to my 2-page ” open letter” issued 12.01.2018 to the responsible managing director of RTL2-TV. Not unexpectedly, till today I have not received any reply and not unexpectedly, my letter has not been published by any medium in Germany neither been addressed in any other way. Already all system-minions ?
Dr. Henning Zoz, August 2018

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