2019-03-07 CDU/CSU goes Muslim CMU

Getting ready for new, self-invited majorities, the formerly Christian Union, major German party prepares the total abandonment. Democratic/Social becomes the Christian Muslim Union.

After the recently still maddening proposal of the Green Party, “why not a refugee (meant illegal migrant) could become the next German Chancellor”, the CDU/CSU parliamentary group leader is trying to top insanity in order to not to lose the race for the future voters, that are invited to Germany on our own expenses !

No Carnival and no comedians Stadl – but bottomless impudence.

Union parliamentary group leader Ralph Brinkhaus considers, that possibly a Muslim may become chancellor for the CDU and CSU in 2030. That’s the title of DIE WELT yesterday.

In terms of content, there is nothing wrong with this statement, he can think whatever he wants. We still have some degree of verbal freedom in Germany, albeit already clearly restricted.

And here comes the “however” !

Seen in context and questioned why Brinkhaus throws such statement unnecessarily and right now in the media arena, allows a deep view suggesting to fear the worst. The period between ideological absurdity and political reality has shrunk terribly in Germany. Insofar you may refer to “EnergyTurn, to Carbon-free economy, to the policy “automotive industry, please leave the country”, to the tolerance-driven education disaster or to the decay of “just fair justice”, etc.

And so now since 3 years we have been inviting millions of people to Germany, almost exclusively Muslims, Christians in Germany soon will be considered as racists on birth – and then of course you run into a problem, if you have “Christian” in your party name.

Phase I in the Brinkhaus plan is therefore called tolerant assimilation,
Phase II then abandonment and high treason.

I cannot believe that this is possible, and I have no idea how such people can look into the eyes of their children, if they have any ! That is really disgusting !

Values – yes, values, values such as humanity, non-violence, equal rights for women and men, the highest possible appreciation of human life – all this is just swept away. Germany and Europe are becoming the melting pot of uncontrolled immigration, which the semi-fortunate and flooded ones even are forced to themselves pay. Such thing actually is not explainable.

Meanwhile, the “BioGerman people” are cooked to tender and made compliant for their own exodus. With gender mania for dehumanization, with Nazi-past and pretended dramatic Nazi-presence and with maximum tolerance to self-abandonment.

The next Government-sponsored Amadeo Antonia (chief formerly Stasi) “handout” will probably be:

Ene Mene Muh and dead are You.
Means – if you are a Bio-German and still breathing, then you better kill yourself – the world will appreciate.
And don’t even think about having children !
Future belongs to others only !

Right this seems to represent the major message of the new CDU !

To make things faster, and particularly to avoid, that “the German” could come up with the idea of democratically punishing the Polit-Caste even more, Christianity must disappear from our world. Hence the statement, that the CDU is not a religious community. Absolutely correct. However, a community of values, this party apparently also and not at all does represent (anymore).

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