2018-10-28 Merkel abdicates under force. Attention !

The German Chancellor Dr. Merkel has announced to gradually disappear from politics. Everywhere great relief and exuberant respect expressions, which in respect of the “achievements” during the last 3 years are completely inappropriate.

What do we have to expect now ? Within the party CDU, all critics will immediately forgive her, so that their own party and its mandate holders, who have admitted the multiple disasters, are better off.

And what will an infinitely offended Chancellor do ? A chancellor who, just a few months ago, fully overruled her own party’s decisions, ignored the Parliament for years and trampled on our constitution every day ? A despot and sole ruler (how is that possible in a democracy?), who now forestalled her own shameful expulsion by the people of Germany ?

She might want to make sure to complete in another 3 years chancellorship particularly what she had started 3 years ago!

At least any correction of the fatal wrong political course in the mass immigration of Germany would not only be hindered but prevented – any change away from the infallibility claim was not heard and is not at all to be expected.

The Global Compact of Migration will be signed in Marrakesh in December and no one in the “old parties” of Germany will go on protest. The fate of Europe and particularly the fate of Germany would be sealed with a further dramatic act.

The chancellor’s probably and again well-thought-out plan might also be: “How do I leave under felicitations leaving maximum damage behind ?” This lady has no children !

We better should not rejoice too early !

Dr. Henning Zoz, October 2018

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