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Children & Family
Contrary to the information that can be generated from Wikipedia (as of 2018-08), I do not have 4 but am the proud and happy father of 5 wonderful and unbelievable children in the age from 27 years to just 4 months. I am likewise happily married to my incredibly fantastic wife.

My roots cannot be found in Austria but in Silesia/Germany. I was born on 01.04.1964 in Siegen/ North Rhine Westphalia as the second and youngest son of Jochen Zoz and Kaethe Zoz. I am a German citizen and I am proud of it.

My children are Alina, Alexander, Tom, Hagen Felix and Wilhelm Jochen Zoz chronologically. My wife is Katharina Zoz, born Heinz and she is the German Skeleton pilot / world champion. In fact this is why and thanx god we met first time. In fact-II, months ago we also considered whether Wilhelm Jochen, who today carries the names of our fathers, should be named Wilhelm Dankwart instead, since Dankwart to Hagen Felix appropriately names the brother of Hagen von Tronje (Nibelungen, German legend). My sweet-to-date grandchildren are called Paula and Fritz.

What I do believe in ?
Not being a churchgoer, I am completely convinced upon creation & nature. I do believe in the individual and I do believe in children – as the only real reason for our existence. So I believe in marriage and family. And I believe in society and my country – and all in that order and priority. Crowds of people can wonderfully vote – but only the individual person can think. The closer we move “on the small scale”, the more efficient and correct, and the better we can be. That is why politics is so afraid of the family – as the smallest and most powerful unit of our society. Only the fear of culture could be larger.

The opposite of all this could well be described as socialism – a mixture of nameless and identityless creatures that like plasticine are easy to mold and easy to direct. With traditional and self-confident families, this does not work. Also that gives the reason, why today one tries e. g. to terminate the Europe of Nations and not to cultivate a Frenchman or a German, but a European only. Thus, our own government – and this is what happens every day, “hides behind Brussels” and is apparently no longer responsible. Multiculturalism I do reject from the bottom of my heart.

What I do care about and be political ?
Also in contrast to the presentation of Wikipedia, I have never been a member of the FDP (so called liberals), but years ago did ran on the local elections for this party in my home community. At the time, that was absolutely fine, if I would still do that today, I would be ashamed of the ground. Previously, in my youth, I have been a member of the JungeUnion (youth org. of CDU) for several years and out of conviction did hand out stickers and flags for Franz-Josef Strauss (former prime minister of Bavaria, CSU) and Helmut Kohl (former chancellor of Germany, CDU). Apart from that, since December 2017 and for the first time in my life, I am a member of a political party, namely and of course a member of the AfD (alternative for Germany). And I’m proud of that, too. And this not only because today one must be courageous for this, which is already a shame in itself. The requirement of courage for joining a democratic party in a democratic country – namely this describes a good part of the regrettable misery and bad truth of our country, our politics and our media.

The situation is threatening, I see Germany, my country, my homeland and the land of our children right upfront the Exodus.
In fact, I have remained completely faithful to my political beliefs over the decades. What on the contrary has dramatically changed are the political parties and politics and the medial perceptibility. Thus I personally would describe the AfD party members today as the survivors of the already sunken CDU, FDP and SPD (social-democrats). The corresponding originals in the spirit of Strauss and Kohl, of Genscher and Scheel (former FDP) and in particular of Helmut Schmidt and Gerhard Schröder (SPD, did not see better German chancellors in the past ?) are no longer recognizable under this name for me. Insofar, the comparison of the party programs of AfD and the at least on the paper still existing former policy program of the CDU offers convincing:

Link CDU(2002/2006), Link  AFD(2017)

The existential question that still arises is who will survive whom.

Will our country survive the old parties or will the old parties survive the country ?

Since I am a paid optimist, I do not hope that Germany will go down with the old parties, but that the old parties will be reduced to insignificance before the exodus of this wonderful Federal Republic. For that in any case, they are on the best way. I did not mention the LEFT and the GREENs. Rainer Wendt (boss of German Police Union) recently told me in Mainz/Germany, that when his colleagues (the German police) have to carry away Ms. Claudia Roth (GREENs, Germany – you shit ! Germany die miserably !) “as a screaming demonstrator from the streets on Sundays” and then she sits on Monday as the Vice President in the German Parliament, that is sickening” – end of citation. And of course this is true, as unfortunately so much in these days. What res. whoever populates our high-level paid Bundestag – is simply shocking. Myself further shocking is, that once considering the politically least bad things to say, today I would actually have to name the party of the LEFT (socialistic/communistic party, SED successors).

Over all that, myself I never wanted to become actively involved in politics, however this question has become obsolete. Anyone who today has children in Germany and is willing to take responsibility does not have any choice but must become politically active. Otherwise, one would stand idly by and watch how the future of our children and grandchildren in their and our own country is completely gambled away and actually eliminated.

A body that is not in good shape may not perform well and will probably not work well for long. However, I had to become 14 years old to after sporadic events such as riding and cycling, foot-, hand- and volleyball discover martial arts (Ju-Jutsu) as “mine”. Since I always like to do things completely, I achieved the 1. DAN (black-belt) 22 years later, possibly as the most senior brown belt in 2000 and at the age of 36 years. In fact, I have not been on the mat for nearly 2 years now (the gym is simply more family and job-friendly), however this is quite high on my present agenda.

In the meantime, I became first an avid windsurfer and then a CAT rider, skiing goes without saying and my wife, who is a sports soldier and skeleton pilot, has finally brought my snowboarding to success. Also for decades, in the local outdoor pool with diving tower, I am the “Köppermann” (head first diver) and at proper weather still do exercise this possibly every day.

Job & Curriculum Vitae
Henning Zoz, 2018 # 2020
Entrepreneur & Nanotechnologist, Doctoral Degree in Advanced Technology, Professor in Japan and Mexico, Manager of the Year in SW/Germany, Patents & Innovation Awards, Father of Five.

In short & brief
I am a nanotechnologist and entrepreneur in the field of Clean-/Greentech, laureate of some Innovation Award, member of the Academy of Sciences and also Manager of the Year in the not insignificant economic region of Southwestphalia/Germany. Since 2016, all our products and innovations are subject to fatal German export controls. Recently, I was called on the Board of Trustees of the Desiderius-Erasmus-Foundation. And above all, I am the happy father of 5 ! incredible children aged from 27 years to 4 months !

Over all this (I was nominated for the German Environmental Award in 2014), I am certainly not a friend of green religion, allow myself to think rationally and for years also broadcast this to public. And therefore I am not at all a proponent of the massive Berlin blunders in energy / environmental policy.

Particularly since I do and have to worry about the future of my children, I do not only refer that on the no more than religious belief that we, that mankind could protect “the climate” of this planet. On the contrary, the environment is indeed protectable !

The themes Europe and migration become a question of survival of our culture and society and of everything we believe in. It is urgently necessary to reverse the recent decisions and consequences, otherwise I will have to leave this country with child and cone and company and employees. However this is my and our fatherland – and I do not want to run away!

And not so long ago, there were many good people in this country, most frequently well-educated, fully integrated and mostly wealthy women, men and children and they believed “no, that cannot happen, that will never happen” – and those who had not fled from Germany in time ended up in concentration camps. This is exactly where we stand today – and just as bad it is about our democracy ! The emigration also has already started. And of course, at first, only those who can afford it, do emigrate. Social is also very different !

2018 # 2020