2018-10-05 Rainer Wendt and state failure

2018-10-05 Rainer Wendt and state failure.

The following brief outline was forwarded to me yesterday by somebody I do appreciate and the authenticity is impressive. Short, concise and crisp – without any title you know what kind of state failure is addressed !

It is the absolutely avoidable exposure of our own population at serious dangers for life and limb. Freedom does demand sacrifices. However, even this healthy understanding of law eventually stops being healthy at some point. With open eyes, the German government brings dangerous foreign people into the country. That our citizens have to die under the knives of those people, in order that our Chancellor can uphold her infallibility and the left-wing`s can propagate their open multi-color multi-cultural jerk-land, this is not dodgy but a criminal offense in the sense of human-/ civil- and fundamental rights in each individual case. This is murder of your own people ! And very true – a state can hardly act more reprehensible ! Eventually comes the Last Judgment, someday somebody will update the history books. But before that, we all go vote – and please go for every single election ! Who does not seize his democratically guaranteed voting-right, for my understanding makes himself (no gender-mania) complicit and does particularly not escape from responsibility !

Rainer Wendt, himself the Federal Chairman of the German Police Union in the DBB, incidentally is right the one who said to me in January absolutely excellently: “Mr. Zoz, if my colleagues on Sunday have to carry a screaming Mrs. Roth (Green Party, almost zero education) from the street and on Monday she is acting as a Vice-President in the German Bundestag – that is unbearable !” I could not beat this anymore. This morning I checked with him on the authenticity of the following article and obtained permission to redistribute it:

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