A very Welcome to my private website.

I do start to publish this website as of August 2018 since I barely can tolerate any longer the political madness and insanity around me in Germany and in much of Europe and since I want to write down and share what moves me in the bottom of my heart.

  • I do see our democracy in front of the exodus.
  • I worry for the future of our children.
  • I am convinced, that everyone who has children and grandchildren in Germany or loves his country, MUST become political.
  • Germany is first of all the country of Germans, which Germans have created with huge efforts.
  • No Chancellor can have the right to trample on our Constitution every day and dish out Germany to anybody.
  • No Tagesschau and no Tagesthemen (state media news), which we by the way have to fully over-finance by compulsory donation, have neither the right to misinform us with selected gap press work nor to try to indoctrinate/educate us to system conformity.
  • A sole minority policy on the back of the majority with fake played tolerance up to self-sacrifice – will end up in exactly such self-abandonment. Whether gender mania or inclusion school – we can always meet on the floor only. And as soon as somebody claims the word asylum, our entire state-mind seems to be out of function.
  • A system in which constitutionally and democratic dissenting people are threatened with social exclusion and state terror, whether under the disguise of climate religion, gooders-being or religious freedom, we had this already – and we do not want such Holocaust again.

I could extend this list for hours. If you are interested, please take a look around on this website and please take your responsibility. At least always go vote – as long as that is still possible.

For my part in any case, I intend to constantly update this website and to further complete. Insofar, there will be a lot more information also on the time track backwards – I am looking forward to your repeated visit.

In substantial parts, I will try to provide all information also in English, also that one can see abroad, that not all of us have completely turned off our minds.

Thank you so much in the name of myself and my family and all those who are important to me – and those are many.
Henning Zoz, August 2018