2019-03-08 Watchmen on the Walls@RIGA

There are many more of those who care about our Christian modern and progressive enlightened society. Unfortunately our churches are not included any more.

Attending this highly religious event for me has been “first experience”, highly specific and sometimes “real crazy”. The contents, fully and in every single word that were heard there, I undersign at deepest conviction. And I did listen very carefully ! In September/October, this will continue in Jerusalem. I really hope that I can be there.

Also these last days have been my first experience in Latvia – and impressions were excellent and amazing. Mostly the people, second an obviously beautiful city of Riga – where of course I could just see a very little.

And there, on the contrary to us in Germany, it seems to me that not at all, all people have lost good spirits and all brain. And that, even in this part of Europe, at least recognizable for me, not a single of those migrants, who we like to call refugees, was in the streets. I really did not see any. If you then talk to the people, the news from Germany seems to be enough and you are questioned, whether we (the Germans) turned completely crazy, and what we do to Europe. And such question is unfortunately more than relevant.

with Pastor Jeff Smith, NYC

f.l.t.r.: Aleksandr Bezzubec, Miron Sugai, Pastor Alexey Ledjajev, Aleksandr Vascenko (Candidate for President of Ukraine), Zoz, MdB Waldemar Herdt and Aigars Bitans (both Candidates EUP Centra Partija)

Why I have been there ?

A few days upfront at my office, I had received a friend from the Kazakh Embassy at Berlin, bringing over and introducing Waldemar Herdt, Member of the German Parliament (AfD) at Berlin to me. He came up with the idea to helping in North and Eastern Europe for the EU-elections in order to form a strong European conservative league at Brussels and Strasbourg. And that to me makes very much sense. That was on a Friday. Why I ended up in Latvia first, may be caused by a phone-call to/with Richard Gretzinger the other day, telling him about the day before. Well connected to Riga, he recommended to go for Latvia and on the same day introduced me to Normunds Grostins, the Chairman of the Board at the Latvian Future Research Institute and list leader for the upcoming elections to the European Parliament in May for the central party namely Centra Partija:

In result, I went there the other Friday, practically together with the same Waldemar Herdt, who is also the EUP-Candidate No. 2 for Centra Partija at Latvia. A lot of coincidence. Further I was requested to also joining the candidates group. Unfortunately, after a long race of discussions for and back, since I do not see a realistic chance to be successful on such “abroad list”, I refused this very kind offer and enormous proof of trust.

However, and in exactly same mission and full appreciation, I had confirmed – and confirmed by heart, that I want to and will support this small but conservative, human- and values-focusing party, to help for success for now and future. During the 2 days at Riga, we e.g. went to a joint TV-interview and I had contributed several hours of opinion to the festivity of Watchmen on the Walls.

Zoz and Normunds Grostins on TV, Grostins, Zoz and MdB Waldemar Herdt (on right)

Supplement 21.03.2019

As an entrepreneur with experience and expertise, particularly in innovation and (nano)technology,

Prof. Zoz supports Centra Partija, Riga, Latvia as the
Chief Advisor Innovation, Technology & Development

heading towards a better recognition of Latvia’s sovereign interests and potentials particularly inside the European Union. This is today not at all taken care all over the country and this is, what represents more than just a good match.

Less Europe is more Europe !

Grostins, Zoz, Mrs. Ledjajev (on left) and Zoz

This is why I will return to Latvia already in early April following an invitation by the Latvia Academy of Sciences and extending for Latvia-wide election campaign.

actors of the Watchmen, in the center Waldemar Herdt, Jeff Smith, pastor Alexey Ledjajev, Zoz and Grostins


Dr. Henning Zoz, 11./21.03.2019

2018-10-28 Merkel abdicates under force. Attention !

The German Chancellor Dr. Merkel has announced to gradually disappear from politics. Everywhere great relief and exuberant respect expressions, which in respect of the “achievements” during the last 3 years are completely inappropriate.

What do we have to expect now ? Within the party CDU, all critics will immediately forgive her, so that their own party and its mandate holders, who have admitted the multiple disasters, are better off.

And what will an infinitely offended Chancellor do ? A chancellor who, just a few months ago, fully overruled her own party’s decisions, ignored the Parliament for years and trampled on our constitution every day ? A despot and sole ruler (how is that possible in a democracy?), who now forestalled her own shameful expulsion by the people of Germany ?

She might want to make sure to complete in another 3 years chancellorship particularly what she had started 3 years ago!

At least any correction of the fatal wrong political course in the mass immigration of Germany would not only be hindered but prevented – any change away from the infallibility claim was not heard and is not at all to be expected.

The Global Compact of Migration will be signed in Marrakesh in December and no one in the “old parties” of Germany will go on protest. The fate of Europe and particularly the fate of Germany would be sealed with a further dramatic act.

The chancellor’s probably and again well-thought-out plan might also be: “How do I leave under felicitations leaving maximum damage behind ?” This lady has no children !

We better should not rejoice too early !

Dr. Henning Zoz, October 2018

2018-10-27 brutal mass rape at Freiburg/Germany

We are painfully reminded that our women, and particularly our young women, once they leave the house on their own, if they go to a nightclub and this even without burqa or headscarf, in some “cultural groups” are seen like worthless livestock or cheap sluts that can be used and abused any time.

We are painfully reminded upon our own complete failure, since we are unable and apparently unwilling, to protect our women from such inhuman martyrdom. In fact we could, if we would want.

We are painfully reminded that our state not only fails but collaborates. The information policy is a slap in the face for freedom, tolerance and social behavior.

We experience once again the abstruse appeasement attempts of the state media.

At least 8 migrants, Merkel’s gold pieces, abuse and rape an 18-year-old woman in Freiburg on 13.10.2018 (evening upfront Bavaria state election). All perpetrators were already known to the police before their bestial act. On the day of the Bavaria election, a complaint is filed, the first perpetrator (convicted by DNA) arrested 3 days later. The public is not informed ! Due to the intense discussion in the social media, it was probably not possible to drag this cruel case “over the tomorrows Hessen state election”, yesterday the bomb exploded.

Detailed schedule:
Saturday, 13.10.2018       brutal mass rape of an 18-year-old girl by migrants

Sunday, 14.10.2018         Bavaria state election

Wednesday, 17.10.2018  lapidary police report (initial report Police Headquarters Freiburg)

Saturday, 20.10.2018       arrest of first Syrian in refugee accommodation due to known DNA

Friday, 26.10.2018           joint press release Police Headquarters + Public Prosecutor’s Office Freiburg

Sunday, 28.10.2018         Hessen state election

Would only a clairvoyants suspect, that an initial announcement at immediate publication on the day of the state election could have resulted in a massive change in the election results in neighboring Bavaria ?

Could only a clairvoyant imply, that the further carryover for a total of 6 days “no information” would be on the purpose to survive the Hessen state election tomorrow ?

This is what NTV (state media) published yesterday in miserable appeasement-obedience and what BILD writes on the contrary today (articles in German only):

and here is the police report. With “first report” (at the end), only the message from 17.10.2018 can be meant (also German only):

Hopefully, as many people as possible, particularly those in Hessen state, read and understand what happened here and what will be going on – once UN’s Global Compact of Migration comes, and hardly a politician even knows what that is and what threatens us and what our Chancellor wants to sign very soon:

Dear German people of Hessen state – please go vote tomorrow !

My and all our children, girls likewise boys will appreciate !

Green party clearly wants more of those disasters, CDU maybe not but Chancellor Merkel very much – and SPD unfortunately stopped already existing as an important. And about FDP, I prefer to saying nothing at this point.

Dr. Henning Zoz, 27. Oktober 2018

2018-10-13 What is going on in such heads


2018-10-13 What is going on in those and what’s up in voters heads.

Ms. Katrin Göring-Eckardt from “the Green-party” (as well as Merkel in DDR times under Honecker, she has been FDJ-functionary for agitation and propaganda), education background high-school graduation and then theological studies aborted, had once suggested that soon ” a gold-piece (Muslim asylum seeker) might/should become one of the next German Chancellors”. Only for the friends abroad: this is not a joke ! In fact I believe she said this in the male version (German language) where the gender-mania anyway would not be relevant since practically only men are flooding uncontrolled into our country every day – and this November, by the upcoming “Global Compact of Migration” are to receive a UN-certified human right to migration. Illegal migration then does not exist anymore and Chancellor Merkel is no longer a criminal against the German Constitution, but off the hook. For this, each CDU / SPD / FDP / Green politician seems to happily be willing to sacrifice our country.

Mrs. Katharina Schulze, the top candidate of the Greens for the upcoming Bavarian election has probably also a high school diploma and then even successfully studied to become “intercultural trainer” (what is the name of such a degree course/program ?). Such massive educational background should already cause irritation in politics, at least among “the Green-party”.

On Thursday, the Junge Union Munich North (CDU-young) commented on a posting by Mrs. Schulze. That is completely self-explanatory, please find translations for both posts below the originals:


And what is the really shocking thing about all this ?
That there are people – and very many people – who give their voice to such “quality administrators” and thus power in and about our country as well as feudal income. Taxpayers practically could not be among them (certainly fully wrong) – I could well imagine only a voters group within the Antifa (left-wing terrorists).

What unites all three women is possibly the hatred against the “evil white man”. And since I have already sent 4 very little ones of those (4 sons and one grandson) – Grace-us-God !

The book “Merkel” is practically closed, everybody is just looking for the cosmetically best possible departure/dissapearing for the Germany/Europe-destroyer. Certainly there is no need for Merkel to practice another Christmas speech. Thus at least this year we will be saved from having to suffer greetings for a “lights-festival” rather than Christmas greetings which would have been expected by Merkel for our usual tolerance until self-abandonment.

Merkel is leaving – however the others stay – res. are just getting warm. Cold horror overcoming !

The educational background of our “World Chancellor Merkel” I had already questioned last year in the Westfalen Post and would do this again at any time:

2018-10-05 Rainer Wendt and state failure

2018-10-05 Rainer Wendt and state failure.

The following brief outline was forwarded to me yesterday by somebody I do appreciate and the authenticity is impressive. Short, concise and crisp – without any title you know what kind of state failure is addressed !

It is the absolutely avoidable exposure of our own population at serious dangers for life and limb. Freedom does demand sacrifices. However, even this healthy understanding of law eventually stops being healthy at some point. With open eyes, the German government brings dangerous foreign people into the country. That our citizens have to die under the knives of those people, in order that our Chancellor can uphold her infallibility and the left-wing`s can propagate their open multi-color multi-cultural jerk-land, this is not dodgy but a criminal offense in the sense of human-/ civil- and fundamental rights in each individual case. This is murder of your own people ! And very true – a state can hardly act more reprehensible ! Eventually comes the Last Judgment, someday somebody will update the history books. But before that, we all go vote – and please go for every single election ! Who does not seize his democratically guaranteed voting-right, for my understanding makes himself (no gender-mania) complicit and does particularly not escape from responsibility !

Rainer Wendt, himself the Federal Chairman of the German Police Union in the DBB, incidentally is right the one who said to me in January absolutely excellently: “Mr. Zoz, if my colleagues on Sunday have to carry a screaming Mrs. Roth (Green Party, almost zero education) from the street and on Monday she is acting as a Vice-President in the German Bundestag – that is unbearable !” I could not beat this anymore. This morning I checked with him on the authenticity of the following article and obtained permission to redistribute it:

2018-10-04 Right-wing threat in the quality state, spread by quality media

This is really hard to bear – a maximum of naivety and stupidity is assumed for each and every one of us through such press releases.

Same as our police yesterday on our German National Day virtually locking some part of a street at Dinslaken on instructions “from above”, since there was an AfD event (real conservative party). Embarrassing, very poor and fully non-democratic. And the police was embarrassed. As long as a party is not prohibited by our law, it is to be respected as a Democratic Party and must not be denounced by the rulers due to their fear to death from loosing their power. For this, the quality state already supports Antifa (left-wing terror).

In any case, I believed that after the threatened state revolution by 6 right-wing guys with one air rifle on Tuesday and after the terror by 8 right-wing guys with one fire extinguisher on Wednesday, the madhouse would already be in full swing. Not even close. It continues with the President of the State Office for the Constitutional Protection in the state of Thuringia/Germany, Stephan Kramer.

Citation Kramer: “My working hypothesis is: All the ingredients and prerequisites for right-wing terrorism are recognizable. Although the structures have so far been seen only in the beginning, recent investigations by the Chief Federal Prosecutor show that we are not wrong with our working hypothesis“.

The man is either misquoted, incredible silly or massively pressured from somewhere ! His dramatic statement can be rewritten without any loss of content: We have weather and that’s why it could rain soon – and the Chief Federal Prosecutor has explored, that we have weather.

Not enough, Kramer added: “Violence throughout the scene is increasing. There is a high martial arts affinity, physical training and shooting training. This indicates that the scene is adjusting to more and more violence”.

Anyone who says something like this, has nothing important to say. The KickBox instructors of the million young strong and mostly Muslim men we have recently invited into the country and still are inviting every day, are celebrated as integration heroes and the social insurances gives seminars to make us healthier and physically fit. And if out of possibly 8 madmen (in the case of Antifa we call those “activists”) from Thuringia, one joined a judo club, two the gymnastics club and possibly one joined a shooting club, then here and for us such a threatening tendency comes out. In the free economy nobody could afford such unqualified nonsense !

That the quality media collaborate well by even increasing the distance to truth and reality and by trying to create a veritable anxiety scenario, is well known. And this here is a wonderful proof. You just need to look at it.

And why all this ? If the rulers fail to distract from the significant and ongoing state failure in Germany, they will no longer be rulers. At the given kinetics, the reprieve cannot be going on for two years (as per the federal election schedule).

And here is the LINK to the quality article (German only):


2018-08-20 Knife attack at Siegen

On 20.08.2018 about 02:50 am, in the night from Sunday to Monday in my hometown a 40-year-old man became the victim of a knife attack. According to different media reports, it was either a knife attack, a fight or a controversy with the knife. As of tomorrow possibly a relationship crime.

This all cannot help the victim, he is or was lying heavily injured at a Siegen hospital intensive care unit.
Even 5 years ago such an incident would have occupied the headlines for days. Today this is the normality in a new society? Further attention not desired, no horror and no outcry.
Also interesting is the description of the offenders:

Police Siegen, press review:
Offenders … are described as follows: All about 25 – 35 years old, all about 1.70 – 1.80 m tall, all southern appearance, spoke accent-free German. Two of the offenders had short, the third slightly longer hair. One wore a jeans-jacket, another a dark jacket.

Siegen Radio, online:
They (the offenders) are between 25 and 35 years old – between 1 meter 70 and 1 meter 80 tall, all have dark hair, 2 a short hairstyle, the third had slightly longer hair. They speak accent-free German.

A message in the news on 20.08.2018 even at 13:30 pm was not broadcasted. Not until 17:30 pm, thus 5 hours after the publication by Siegen Police, there was a message in the local news, then another and last message at 18:30 pm. Also in both radio reports the “southern appearance” of the offenders was not reported. At the 17:30 news “they spoke accent-free German” and at 18:30 news “they spoke perfect German”.

One may assume a faux pass or a mistake or develop another opinion. Due to the clear submission of Siegen Police and two different repetitions at Radio Siegen I do expect, that this is a sad example of intended gap press.

The original reports so far are found on the German page only.