2018-09-24, Baptism, Antifa, sermon and misbelief, Siegen and Chemnitz

National dulling works out even into Martini-Church at Siegen (my hometown). I was speechless this Sunday for the christening of my grandchild. Thanks to the preacher and Radio Siegen.

The welcoming by the preacher already started well irritating. She said that “today we are looking forward to a lecture and pictures and video from Tanzania and later mentioned: “what we still/also do today is the baptism of the three children … (3 names). “So far to the recognition of new members to the church ! So far to the appreciation of life, as long it is local life ! However, blatant and extreme is yet to come !

Then a sympathetic couple reported vividly and entertainingly about their profound experience with friends in sub-Saharan Africa. In fact, at first I had worried that “now again” the miserable debt cliché of the “White” towards the non-white would be served. Not at all ! We have heard very sensible opinions about partnership on equal terms and rather learned that in the said region in Tanzania it is more likely to engage in food, singing and dancing all day long. I was that much impressed, that I had shaken hands with both after the church event. The lady said to me almost representative: “We just report just as it was and is”. And that is precisely what I did pay my respects for ! However, this did not change the fact that from my point of view, there should have been nothing but the baptism important on that day at that church. “Tanzania” was beautiful, but in the wrong place at the wrong time – and I said that to both.

But upfront, the sermon of the preacher. A preacher lady who for my taste at least seems to sympathize with Antifa (today’s left-wing terrorists in Germany). In fact, I heard 2x “Holocaust”! How does that fit into a baptism ? Can our children not even be born without feeling guilty res. arrive at the church just as newly born human beings ?!!

Apart from the fact that I fundamentally reject the ever-worsening abstruse instrumentalization of the equally bad years of 1933-1945, today and unabashedly we are using Holocaust to enforce a submission of Germans under the fatal and massively Islamizing migration politics of the German government, bringing thousands of deadly enemies of Israel into Germany. Hard to beat in absurdity – but no one seems to notice. For this topic, pls. refer on this website to:


And now here comes the real unbelievable:
On 29.08.2018 I had posted this:

And indeed, I had listened to Siegen Radio and had to rub my ears, since a report on “Chemnitz” would have suggested to the uninformed consumer, that at Chemnitz, not a German was brutally knife-slaughtered by migrants, but that Chemnitz, flooded by Nazis, would have been the scene of horrible crimes from Germans against migrant-victims. And the result of such fake/false “media” performance, I had to notice on Sunday right after the baptism and still inside the church:

I came into conversation with two older and quite neat gentlemen. The one introduced himself as a former English teacher, who today is further qualifying such teachers. And the more I was irritated about some allusions to “Chemnitz” in-between the spoken words, after from my end I had reported my displeasure about a failed sermon and a failed prioritization of the entire church event. Of course I then asked for it and it turned out, that at least this one gentleman was fully convinced, that at Chemnitz exactly that happened, what has been suggested by Radio Siegen (and this virtually along with the entire mainstream media) on 29.08.2018. The truth is the opposite, that gentleman was quite surprised and I do hope that those ladies and gentlemen reporters will one day realize what they are doing.

With intended misinformation for whatever reason, one does in any case ruin the society.

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