2022-03-15 Russen-Diskreditierung, zum Fremdschämen

Haben wir aus der Geschichte nichts gelernt ? Wenn bildungsferne Polit-Ideologen zu Hass & Hetze aufrufen, folgen wir dann, nur weil das über die Qualitätsmedien gespielt wird ?

Russians & Germans, Germans & Russians, we are same.

Dear Minister Grudev, hello Vasily,
it is great to finding you back and very much good news to learning that I know the Minister.

How comes you moved that far away to East-Asia ? Now you are right north of the Zoz-xxx Center at Rifu/Sendai/Japan.

Today I was messaging with Sergey Kalyuzhnyi, just learning he is Prof. at MSU now and that he was in Sakhalin last autumn. I shall say hello from him. Small small world.

As I wrote on SIGNAL already, I do feel shame not for my country but for our utmost terrible government. Numerous cabinet members are just ideologist with nothing, no education, no profession and zero other background.

After the ideological Climate-mania, we are facing Corona-mania. Lies became too obvious, nothing better in sight rather than going to war.

And we do all remember, at that time over 32 years back, once Chancellor Kohl and President Gorbatschow made Glasnost & Perestroika, they both for sure did neither go on a bet nor expected, that NATO after that would go on the march towards the former Soviet Union borders and even more kept inviting frontier countries/regions to join. As far as I can see it, we are looking back on >30 years of silent aggression from the West.

That is why the Trump/Putin era, that hopefully comes back one day, made me hoping very much for global piece. I have also been a big fan of President Putin, I have to say until 2020. So much I was hoping that he would, as Trump does, withstand the sweet polit-power of Corona-mania.

Whatever it is, whatever meets the truth, what is happening in Germany in these days is a disaster among educated human beings. Again, we see the proof, that those who are crying for tolerance and piece all day are the most intolerant warriors under the sun. One should believe that Germans are able to learn from history but I am afraid, they are not.

Cooked fluffy over a decade of energy-turn and particularly over two Corona-years, now they believe even the biggest bullshit as long as it is served by the state-media, which turned to nothing but the government’s propaganda machine. I so much feel shame if I see the stupid bashing of Russian people and people with Russian roots here in my country.

Since I have been myself at Donbas, in Donetsk and Luhansk in 2019, in 2020 and in 2021 along with numerous visits in Russia and also Belarus, I can state from my own senses, that 80-90% of the information broadcasted at present in Germany is wrong and false, just a lie.

Having said so, I do feel a strong wish to do something for the natural friendship between Germany and Russia. Maybe I should be more precisely writing about natural friendship between German and Russian people. Look into the mirror and notice we are same.

In this mission…..

If Sakhalin Oblast would be interested to join, certainly I would not stop you.

In order to get a taste, why xxx should be our bridge, I do attach xxx and do choose here the Russian version.

So or so it will be great to hearing from YOU !

Very cheers,

henning zoz
CEO, Father of Five & Nanotechnologist, Doctoral Degree in Advanced Technology CIITEC/IPN, Professor in Mexico & Japan till 2014, Manager of the Year in SW/Germany, Patents & Innovation Awards.

8 Jahre her und ab Minute 6:30 immer noch zutreffend und relevant !




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